SWING SONG by Bristol Light Festival and Tired Industries

Bristol Light Festival’s very own Swing Song is back! A set of six interactive swings which light up and play music as you swing back and forth. Fly high for a crescendo or go low for more ambient vibes. The swings play a set of tracks which have been produced especially for Bristol Light Festival. One swing controls the bass line, another controls the melody, and a third controls drums and percussion. Small movements produce simple tunes, but as users swing higher and higher the tracks evolve into more complex melodies.

Swing Song is based on a concept by Bristol Light Festival and made by Tired Industries. Tired Industries are a Bristol-based Creative Design and Fabrication Studio, run by Jon Panniers and Luke Harcourt. With a combined 30-year career in the theatre, festivals and events scene, they have led design teams for Secret Cinema, You Me Bum Bum Train, Vault Festival, Standon Calling, Glastonbury, Outlook and Dimensions.

Tired Industries Team

  • Design & Construction – Jon Panniers
  • Music – Tim Harrison
  • Technology & Lighting Design – Owen Davis


Jon Panniers of Tired Industries said:

“The reception of the artwork at the 2023 edition of Bristol Light Festival was amazing and people seemed to really gain a sense of childlike wonder from the piece. Things will be done slightly differently this year, and we can’t wait to see how the people of Bristol respond to the third iteration of Swing Song, as the additional elements we’ve added are set to bring even more joy to families visiting the festival.”