Exponential is a piece by Lucid Creates made during the early days of the Covid pandemic at their workshop in Kent. Faced with the total shutdown of the live event industry upon which they relied to show their work, they set to experimenting with the materials in their workshop to create works that expressed their reactions to the unfolding world events. Exponential was their first, and the smallest, of the pieces that resulted from these experiments. Noticing the parallels between the exponential curve of the pandemic and climate change, the piece is an investigation into the human struggle to understand exponential growth.

The piece is constructed of a welded steel frame from which is suspended a seemingly-floating, kaleidoscopic mirrored cube. Around and through the piece travels endlessly moving patterns of light, triggered by an hour-long ambient soundtrack. As the lights move, the illusions created by the double sided mirrors in the central cube create reflections of the audience which unexpectedly appear and disappear, placing them in the centre of the confusion of lights.