Cascade is an exuberant fountain of energy, light and sound, emanating from Left Handed Giant, shooting overhead and rushing into the water below.

It is also named after a variety of hop, one of the original US hops with massive aroma profiles that spear-headed the American Pale Ale and IPA revolution, so its installation on the brewpub seems appropriate.

Cascade is the latest incarnation in Squidsoup’s ongoing exploration into the immersive possibilities of spatialised light and sound.

Each orb is designed and hand-built by Squidsoup, and comprises a wi-fi enabled processor, multiple LEDs and its own speaker. This allows for a highly spatialised soundscape that can move in real time, with point-source sounds coming from anywhere within the installation; a clear correlation between sound and light; and the ability to create volumetric waves of sound and light that create a strong, spatialised and highly immersive experience.