What type of work are Bristol Light Festival interested in?

    1. Existing works or new ideas exploring light
    2. Projects which use technology in innovative ways to encourage play and exploration
    3. Sustainable light art which uses Green Energy solutions
    4. Artists / ideas who have a relationship to Bristol

What is the deadline for submitting an idea to Bristol Light Festival?

This application round will be open until 28 July 2023. If this deadline is missed then the next opportunity for expressions of interest from artists will be the following year.

What are the dates of Bristol Light Festival?

2 – 11 February 2024*

What budget is available?

We are looking to commission a number of installations, from small activations for £500 to budgets of up to £20,000.

Where can we install the work?

All installations need to be located within the Bristol City Centre BID or Redcliffe & Temple BID boundary you can see the boundary map here.

What can I include in supporting documents?

This is an opportunity for you to share photographs or sketches of your work, or links to videos and websites.

How will my application be assessed?

The Bristol Light Festival team will assess all applications. They will assess the applications based on 4 areas:

  1. Artistic quality – the strength & quality of the idea and the artist’s previous work.
  2. Public experience – who it is aimed at and how will the public engage with it?
  3. Project management – can the piece be created within the time available? Is the work durable enough for the festival dates? What materials are you using when considering the environmental impact and outdoor display?
  4. Environmental Sustainability – in the design and delivery. Can the materials/equipment be reused? Does the work have a future life?

I can’t access the link on the website to complete the form.

If you would prefer to submit your application in an alternative format for access reasons, please do get in touch in advance of the deadline: bristollightfestival@gmail.com

* This event is subject to licensing and site permissions approval.