Pink Enchantment

Castle Bridge
Latitude and Longitude
51.454680, -2.589390
Thursday to Saturday, 5pm - 11pm Sunday, 5pm - 10pm

Pink Enchantment is an interactive light installation that will transform Castle Bridge into a stunning interactive artwork.  As visitors walk across the bridge they will activate short, cloud-like bursts of colour. The smoke cloud lingers, and creates an immersive experience for audiences to play in.


Dr Tine Bech is a multidisciplinary artist and has a PhD in Play Theory and Interactive Art from UWE, a Masters in Sculpture and a BA in Painting. She has extensive practical and theoretical experience in activating public spaces as well as designing for human interaction and understanding why we play. She creates innovative, interactive art, and designs eloquent, playful and meaningful artworks in the public realm and for galleries and museums. She was born in Aarhus, Denmark and is a resident of the Pervasive Media Studio at Watershed, Bristol.

Tine places the audience at the centre of her works, creating open systems, objects and spaces where personal experience is celebrated. Buildings, squares, bridges, rivers, gardens, offices and foyers are transformed into opportunities for participation, curiosity and communication. Her work transforms environments and human behaviour through the creative possibilities of play and innovative use of technology.


• There are hardstanding ramps to the bridge. The bridge is made of wooden slats, they have traction grips.
• The nearest accessible toilet is located on the ground floor of Left Handed Giant Brewery
• There is a grit and slab pavement route to the installation on the cycle path (turning off Bristol Bridge on the castle park side of the river).
• There is a car park drop off place on Bath Street, (turn down Hawkins lane from here to reach the bridge- no steps).
• It takes about 6 minutes to get to this installation from milk bottle Screen (installation 2) and about 15 minutes walk to Castle Park(installation 9)
• There is no music
• The work is family friendly